Health and Wellness Grant Application

The Education Foundation for Clinton City & Anderson County Schools provides a variety of services for Anderson County and Clinton City Schools. As a result of the success of the Annual Clinton4Kids 5K, the Foundation is pleased to offer the opportunity to apply for funds to support the youth enrolled in Health and Wellness programs in both school systems.

Grants proposals can be submitted in various amounts (up to $1,000) based upon the applicant’s request, so please be specific in regards to the amount requested to fund your Health and Wellness Project. The Grant Proposal submission deadline is Friday, March 3, 2017. Please submit completed proposal documents with any attachments to Vikki Burns at Grant award recipients will be invited to the 2017 Annual Teacher & Principal of the Year Banquet on April 11, 2017 to accept their grant award.

Grant recipients will request reimbursement for purchases covered by this grant after purchases are made up to the amount awarded. Grant recipients will submit copies of the original invoices along with copies of the checks reflecting payment of those invoices. The Foundation will then reimburse the school for those purchases covered by the grant.

Health and Wellness Application

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Grant Proposal Details

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